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General Update 

The focus at this time is financial survival for everyone - domestic and commercial fuel prices being extremely high with the 'blame' being aimed at the Ukriane and Russia conflict to which there sadly seems to be no end in sight

Petrol and Diesel Prices appear to be coming down now and really unsure why this is happening - but rumour seems to suggest the pump prices have been reduced for some time , but this has not until now been passed on to the consumer..

2023 will be another tough year for all with personal  finances being hit hard, and commercial properties and services also being hit , where there is already news of Public Houses closing as they cannot sustain the bills to be paid compared to footfall through the door - very sad 

Currently it appears that some major Companies are planning to close down stores in selected areas  - companies identified include:  B&Q, New Look, TK Maxx, Wetherspoons, Paperchase, and House of Fraser, to name a few and Banks such as Lloyds and Halifax.

Trends for people using web sites / web portals now for shopping and banking during lockdown and since has compounded the demise of shops in the High Street - add to this with rocketing utliyty prices  big decisions have had to be made - where will this end ??

Audits and Auditing

Most certification bodies are still offering the option of remote auditing , and to be fair - that makes sense. Its worked well over the past two plus years and why not carry that process on - if it suits the business.

However - the move seems to be back to face to Face audits for all rail and 'ISO' 

auditing certification companies where audits are taking more than two days, but with options to


conduct either the opening or closing meeting via Zoom or Teams


At the end of the day you are paying for a service - why not request what's best for you and your business ??

Rail Audits.

Although RISQS seem to still be the major certification body, Achilles Link Up appears to be gathering pace within the market place which provides options now as previously there was only one certfication body that provided this service.

The protocols are RISQS / Network Rail based and therefore align to familiar protocols and RICCL


Codes for supplying / providing a service  

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