General Update 

With the withdrawal of COVID-19 restrictions now - the hope was that life would return to some sort of normal, which appears that  not to be the case.

With the development of the declaration of war on the Ukraine by Russia, this has tipped the whole world into turmoil and impacted the cost of living dramatically.

Energy price increases, fuel process rising as much as 5p per day the UK as a nation is like other countries struggling to meet the day to day demands  of living

The Government keep talking on measures to help all people - but this seems to be a long time coming.

Now with added strikes across many industries,  NORMAL seems to be a word that does not seem to exist

Audits and Auditing

Most certification bodies are still offering the option of remote auditing , and to be fair - that makes sense. Its worked well over the past two plus years and why not carry that process on - if it suits the business.

Some of the 'ISO' certification bodies are even happy just to conduct a site audit to be actually on-site rather than be office based and conclude the document review element remotely.

At the end of the day you are paying for a service - why not request what's best for you and your business ??

Rail Audits.

Although RISQS seem to still be the major certification body, Achilles Link Up appears to be gathering pace within the market place which provides options now as previously there was only one certfication body that provided this service.

The protocols are RISQS / Network Rail based and therefore align to familiar protocols and RICCL


Codes for supplying / providing a service