General Update 

  • Well hear we are - into February 2021 already and this is flying as quick as 2020. We are all still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with vaccinations rolling out at a reliable pace, hopefully, there may be some sort of normal soon - fingers crossed

  • It would appear that Brexit has taken place and too date - there does not appear to the disruption that was expected. Locally and on the approaches to Dover on the A2, there are plans to develop and inland Freight Clearance facility near to a village, which will reclaim farmland under compulsory purchase, which can be imagined, has angered local resident  and they are protesting - naturally - lets see what develops there.

  • Still no news on the launch of the New Achilles Rail Compliance and Assurance Scheme which was due to be out into the mix on January 1st 2021 -  will keep an eye on that one and update accordingly

  • Now we have exited the European Union , be mindful of the fact that we now have reverted to The Data Protection Act 2018 which has encompassed much of the GDPR regulations, but what has not be absorbed into that Act, are contained within, the (UK) GDPR Regulations 2018. Looking through the documents - it would appear not a lot has changed, but if you do trade with the EU , you will need to review and applu the (EU) GDPR Regulations 2018 to remain compliant

  • There have been some Environmental changes since leaving the EU and rather than detail the changes here, please follow this link for more information  -

  • The next 'round' of HSE updates takes place in June 2021, but if there are any 'stealth changes' in the interim - we will aim to inform you via this medium

It is of paramount importance to remember  :

Hands - Face - Space

Protect yourself the N.H.S and the others around you

We will beat this if we ALL remain vigilant and play our individual part

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